Floating Attached Growth BioReactor

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FBC Technologies’ Bio²Bloc was developed for aerobic wastewater retention basins, tanks, or lagoons that can benefit from fixed-film treatment.

The Bio²Bloc system has been in service since 1999 in municipal and industrial WWTPs. The system has performed successfully in removing BOD and ammonia – where alternatives would have been too expensive or have taken too long to implement. The Bio²Bloc provides a rich and stable environment to bolster your existing microorganisms. Unlike an RBC, the aerated media beds are in constant contact with the water and are completely aerated by a highly efficient aeration system.

Each Bio²Bloc is filled with thousands of pieces of bio-media where, during normal operation, a healthy biomass is formed by a supply of air and water produced by the fine bubble membrane diffusers located on the bottom of each bio-chamber. As with any fixed-film biological contactor, the units will tend to become overgrown with organisms after a period of time. When this happens, it’s time for back-flushing! The patented Bio²Bloc has a separate coarse-bubble system, valved from the shore, to slough the media bed and clear the chamber for renewed growth.

Bio²Blocs are designed to be deployed individually or in series to remove pollutants. They diffuse a high level of dissolved oxygen into surrounding wastewater through the media bed. The units are built to specification and are easily installed using a light-duty boom truck and floated into place.


Low-Temperature Nitrification

Bio²Blocs have been successfully installed to maintain nitrification down to 4 degrees C. When placed toward the outflow of your system, Bio²Blocs create the stable, oxygen-rich, and immobilized microenvironment favored by these bacteria. Successful performance of Bio²Bloc systems have been achieved through complete winter seasons at WWTPs in upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania. The Bio²Bloc system can be sized to eliminate as much ammonia and/or BOD as necessary in your effluent. The Bio²Bloc system starts as low at $25,000 - INSTALLED.


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