Bio2Bloc System Installed to Remove Ammonia at Sandersville, MS Wastewater Treatment Plant


Like many other municipalities, the Town of Sandersville, MS has been challenged to reduce their effluent ammonia discharges. With a small community and a limited budget, the Town selected FBC Technologies’ floating Bio2Bloc® system to keep wastewater discharges within NPDES limits.




The WWTP consists of a single cell aerated lagoon. The Bio2Blocs® were installed near the effluent end of the system, allowing for nitrification after organics have been digested through the system’s retention time. The system was designed to remove 6 mg/L of ammonia per day from this 104,000 GPD facility, and was installed in 2 days. The entire system operates with a single 5-HP blower.


The Bio2Bloc system had doubled Sandersville’s ammonia removal rate within a month.


Within two months, their ammonia effluent discharge was at its lowest level in many years and they were easily meeting their permit.









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