O2ctopus System Provides Aeration to New Wastewater Treatment Plant in Yagur, Israel



Sizing for this O2ctopus® fine bubble aeration system was based on providing a more efficient yet comparable system to the surface aerators initially designated for this application.


The client also requested that the system be designed for future expansion to double the aeration capacity. Thus, FBC Technologies, Inc. designed the system for immediate installation of nine (9) O2ctopus units, with system capacity for an additional nine (9) O2ctopus units to be added in the future as needed. A blower system was provided with capacity for all eighteen (18) O2ctopus units, and a variable frequency drive will allow the operator to reduce the air flow until such time as the additional aeration is needed.





The actual oxygen to be supplied by FBC’s 9 O2ctopus aeration units are approximately 30% to 35% greater than the current actual oxygen demand. And as the system was sized to eventually handle 18 O2ctopusunits (100% capacity increase), this system will easily handle the projected 33% increase in wastewater flows by 2010, as well as additional increases in wastewater flows and/or strength beyond 2010.









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