O2ctopus® System Installed to Replace Inefficient Floating Aerator Technology



A vegetable processing plant located in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada, has brought in FBC’s stainless steel floating fine bubble diffusion technology with the installation of an O2ctopus® system. Units were placed in an aerobic digester tank as well as an equalization tank (both measuring 100’ in diameter).



The vegetable canning operation wanted to replace their outmoded "splasher" equipment in an effort to reduce operational costs (through a reduction in horsepower consumption and maintenance costs) and promote thermal energy transfer though the 8’ diffusion depth during cold weather processing.




FBC Technologies, Inc. brought in a 44HP system to replace the 100HP of splashers running at the plant. This is better than a 2:1 HP replacement ratio! The single positive displacement blower feeds a valved manifold that individually controls flow to each of the units. The client was interested in maintaining a certain level of residual dissolved oxygen in the tanks at all times using the O2ctopus system and periodically toggling one surface splasher.


The system was installed in less than 5 hours by an FBC factory installation team.




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