Haughton, Louisiana Installs Bio2Bloc® System for Nitrification


The Town of Haughton, LA has upgraded their lagoon treatment system with an eight unit Bio2Bloc® system for ammonia removal.

The single lagoon plant operates two wind-powered agitators in the pond as well as a rock/reed filter process downstream from the lagoon. Without having to change Haughton’s treatment process nor their plant design, FBC Technologies, Inc. was able to augment their treatment with a condominium for nitrifying bacteria - right in the lagoon.





The plant handles around 300,000 GPD and has ammonia effluent limits on par with other communities in the region. The eight bloc system will reduce the plant’s effluent by approximately 24 pounds of ammonia per day. This increase in treatment will allow the Town to stay below permit levels as well as give the plant more capacity for residential expansion in the burgeoning Shreveport/Bossier City area.


The operational costs of running the Bio2Bloc system are extremely low. Operators are able to service the system from the shore using the valved dual diffusion manifold to slough the media bed when necessary. The only other system maintenance is routine lubrication of the shore mounted blower package.



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