O2ctopus® System Installed to Augment Inefficient Floating "Splasher"

To augment their existing 75HP surface splasher, Rothsay Foods purchased a 6-unit O2ctopus system (at 13’ diffuser depth) to deliver approximately 762 SCFM of air to their entire treatment tank.

The meat rendering facility wanted to augment their "splasher" with a fine bubble system that would increase dissolved oxygen throughout the tank (rather than just the top few feet as is the case with a surface splasher). Also the customer was very interested in electricity costs for blower power and system maintenance. The O2ctopus system was able to give him the best usage of his horsepower as well as provide a STAINLESS STEEL system that requires very little maintenance since there are no moving parts in the water!




The system is providing 20 kg/hr O2 (44 lb/hr O2) to the 60’ diameter treatment tank to supplement the existing mechanical aerator (75 HP). The units were secured by anchoring the O2ctopus units near the sides of the tank to keep them well away from the mechanical aerator.





The single positive displacement blower feeds a valved manifold that individually controls flow to each of the units.

The system was installed in less than a day by an FBC factory installation team. Further, the plant did not need to schedule any processing down time nor take their treatment tank off-line.




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