48 O2ctopus Units Improve SBR Operations by Conserving Water Temperature in

Poultry Processing Wastewater

Located in southwestern Missouri, Simmons Foods decided to upgrade their wastewater treatment facility with FBCs O2ctopus floating fine bubble aeration system. With absolutely NO plant downtime, FBC was able to install an engineered highly efficient fine bubble air delivery system that allowed Simmons to immediately shut down a number of their wasteful floating splashers. This allows the plant to retain heat in order to sustain SBR treatment efficiency and improve dissolved oxygen levels.

The units are located in a sequencing reactor basin measuring 445 feet long, 212 feet wide, and 12 feet deep with a volume of about 6.5 million gallons. 

The basin is equipped with fifteen 75 hp high speed aerators and five 40 hp high speed mixers. The drawing located below shows the layout of FBCs 48 O2ctopus units in the basin. The flow to the system is approximately 1.5 mgd with a BOD of 400 mg/l and a TKN of 200 mg/l.



The system is powered by four separate positive displacement blowers located on shore for easy electrical service and maintenance. There are neither moving parts nor power cables on the O2ctopus units in the water this design eliminates headaches for operators while promoting safety.


The FBC O2ctopus system uses a fraction of the horsepower to deliver the same amount of oxygen to the water a process that results in savings for the customer.

For more information, feel free to contact the system's owner at Simmons Foods:

Andy Brashear,  Area Environmental Manager, at (417) 762-3001

Above is a layout of the 48 unit system.


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