FBC Installs Another O2ctopus® System at an American Proteins Plant



The Georgia Feed Company (a subsidiary of American Proteins, Inc.) is located in Cuthbert, GA and runs a poultry rendering operation. Their aerobic basin is operated in the manner of an SBR and has an average daily flow of 600,000 gallons. American Proteins was interested in reducing the overall electrical consumption of aerating their lagoon using surface aerators.



Through the efficiencies of the O2ctopus diffusing fine bubbles at 13’ (the basin is 16’ deep), the plant was immediately able to shut off almost 300HP of surface splashers in lieu of one positive displacement blower running under 77HP! This results in annual energy savings of $27,000 for the plant.



Shutting off their surface aerators allows the plant to enjoy warm water temperatures in the winter months and still get all the dissolved oxygen they need via the O2ctopus system (the blower used by the O2ctopus system heats the air to diffusers approximately 90o F above ambient temperature). Also, fine bubble diffusion enables excellent heat transfer from air to water and additional surface losses associated with splashing activity are eliminated. During summer operations, their O2ctopus system works in conjunction with surface aerators by augmenting the dissolved oxygen level in the basin during the hottest months.


FBC installed 16 units as a first-step in converting their entire basin from splashers to O2ctopus aeration.

If you would like to know more about how our O2ctopus system can help your operation, please give us a call!


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