Lineville, Alabama Installs Bio2Bloc® System for Nitrification


The Town of Lineville, AL has upgraded their lagoon treatment system with a twelve unit Bio2Bloc® system for ammonia removal.

Like many towns, Lineville was being challenged to reduce ammonia in its effluent to be below NPDES limits. Lineville’s biggest challenge comes in the winter when lower temperatures slow the nitrification process. In order to meet the challenge the town decided to install twelve Bio2Blocs; the first in the State of Alabama to do so.




The Town of Lineville, also, had limited space around the lagoon for a blower. With a little innovation Lineville decided to place the blower on a floating dock to save space. The dock, also, provides protection for the blower with partial walls and a roof.

The plant handles around 130,000 GPD. The twelve bloc system is engineered and sized to keep the effluent below discharge limits.




The operational costs of running the Bio2Bloc system are extremely low approximately 6HP. Operators are able to service the system from the shore using the valved dual diffusion manifold to slough the media bed about twice a year.

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