Central Industries Forest, Mississippi Installs

O2ctopus® System for Nitrification






Central Industries in Forest, MS has installed a fifteen unit O2ctopus® system for BOD removal and odor reduction.

Like many renderers, Central Industries was being challenged to reduce organics in its effluent to be below NPDES limits. In order to meet the challenge the plant decided to install fifteen
O2ctopus® units; the first in the State of Mississippi to do so.

Central Industries is also the first FBC customer to purchase an O2ctopus®system with two diffusers at the end of each leg for a total of sixteen diffusers per octopus and two hundred forty diffusers in all. This new innovation allows FBC to provide even more aeration to a lagoon at an even lower cost.



The plant handles around 14.2 MGD. The twelve unit system is engineered and sized to add additional aeration and BOD removal.


The operational costs of running the O2ctopus® system are extremely low approximately 133HP. Operators are able to service the system by simply releasing the quick release fitting and removing the octopus from the water with a boom truck.

If you are interested in visiting the Central Industries Forest, MS Treatment Plant, or any of our other installations, please contact FBC using the information below.



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