Cagles Farms Improves D.O. with O≤ctopusģ System





Cagles Farms operates a number of poultry processing facilities in the southeastern United States. The facility at Collinsville, Alabama, processes an average of 225,000 birds per day, resulting in a flow of wastewater which is high in organics and ammonia.


In early 2004, management determined that improvements were necessary in the plantís SBR to support the adequate treatment of ammonia, particularly during cold weather periods. The plant had relied on an aging flotilla of mechanical aerators which were proving difficult to maintain, and inefficient to operate.


FBC Technologies, working with Rowenvironmental (consulting engineer), proposed a 26 unit Octopus stainless steel diffusion system, fed from a bank of 3 x 100 HP centrifugal blowers which had been moved from a facility closed earlier in the year.





The installation of the Octopus system was made around the existing mechanical aerators, allowing the operator to use the units as backup to the Octopus system, and occasional use for cooling the wastewater during the summer months.



The entire system was installed in less than 2 weeks, without interruption to the plantís operations.


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