O2ctopus System Installed at Meat Rendering Plant to Enhance Nitrification Via Thermal Transfer

A large rendering facility in Cumming, GA converts  millions of tons of chicken by-products into usable commodities. The plant is designed to handle a flow of several million gallons per day. Wastewater is channeled through an enormous anaerobic treatment basin which produces an average of 900,000 ft.3 of methane per day. Supernatant from the anaerobic basin is flowed into two parallel SBRs with surface aerators (splashers) and downdraft mixers for aerobic treatment.


Through the use of nearly 1400HP of surface splashers, the plant has been able to meet aeration objectives in the SBRs but at the cost of cooling the water near the nitrification end-point during cold weather periods. To prevent this cooling effect of the surface splashers, FBC installed a 12 unit O2ctopus system in each SBR basin that uses one 200HP blower per system.


Through the thermal transfer of the large blowers, warm air is passed through the water actually warming the water and protecting nitrifiers during periods of very cold weather. In addition, the plant has reduced electrical costs by turning off splashers.

Each basin is now enhanced and supported by a single 200HP O2ctopus system. Total horsepower has been significantly reduced in each basin as the operator finds that improved oxygen transfer through the O2ctopus system has enabled him to reduce the use of splashers. While saving substantial utility costs with the O2ctopus system, the plant has improved its operation by removing the hazards of floating electrical equipment (only air lines are used to feed an O2ctopus system) and reduced the high maintenance costs associated with floating splashers. By using a high volume of coarse air diffused at a depth of eight feet, nitrification is enhanced and system stability is improved.

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