O2ctopus System Installed at Franklin Farms Mushrooms to Aerate Odorous Basin

Franklin Farms Mushrooms is one of the largest growers of mushrooms in North America, growing a wide variety of mushrooms in its highly automated facility in North Franklin, CT. The plant circulates process waters through two small holding lagoons. The water is processed through a cyclone separator and screening system and then recycled back into the lagoon where it mixes with facility process water in a closed loop system.


Neighbors around the plant recently began complaining of higher odors due to a two year drought which prevented the dilution of the holding lagoons with fresh water. The existing assortment of floating aerators (splashers) could not supply sufficient air and mixing to keep the basins from going "sour." FBC proposed an O2ctopus system, supported by a 30HP positive displacement blower, to diffuse at a depth of seven feet in order to maintain DO levels at 1 to 2 mg/L.




The system has been designed to operate from one blower running through a balanced manifold system. This manifold system is connected to the O2ctopus units with progressively smaller sections of line to maintain pressure equalization throughout the system. Dissolved oxygen is sufficient to avoid septic conditions in the lagoons thanks to the fine bubble O2ctopus system. Water used to "condition" compost is populated with a friendlier community of aerobic microorganisms resulting in fewer odors from the holding lagoons. The system was installed in less than a week by FBC Technologies.



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