Combination Bio2Bloc and O2ctopus System Improves Processing Wastewater Operation

Located in Southern Ontario, Canada, a poultry processing operation was ready to upgrade their wastewater treatment system for BOD remediation and ammonia removal.

The large primary lagoon was being serviced by a diffusion system that was fed by a shore-mounted blower. The operator desired a treatment system that would be able to use existing facilities and equipment, not require hard piping, and be operational all year with little maintenance. FBC was able to retrofit the existing blower with its combination Bio2Blocs and O2ctopus system.

FBC was brought in to install two Bio2Blocs and O2ctopus to provide BOD removal of about 40 mg/L during warmer months and approximately 15 mg/L in the winter as well as perform nitrification.

The Bio2Blocs and O2ctopus units were lowered into the pond via a boom truck. FBC installed a manifold constructed of ultra strength polypropylene fittings that are completely weather-proof, light-weight, and can adapt to any situation. The complete installation took less than 24 hours and required NO plant down-time.

With the fixed film technology of the Bio2Blocs and the fine bubble aeration of the O2ctopus system, FBC guaranteed BOD removal 40 mg/L during the warmer water months and 15 mg/L in the colder months based on normal operating conditions.

The operator found the incremental treatment system to be a good fit for his treatment needs. The Bio2Bloc Floating Attached Growth BioReactor is a modular system that can easily be expanded by simply adding more units to the treatment cell. Further, the Bio2Bloc system does not require a large capital outlay customers are able to enjoy immediate results without increasing the plant footprint or permit change.


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