Floating Fine Bubble Aeration System

The O˛ctopus is a surface-maintainable aeration system that achieves superior results to current splasher technology at a fraction of the cost. The system was designed to offer the advantages of fine bubble diffusion, through an easily insertable vehicle which requires minimal electrical power. Membrane diffusers are used on the bottom of each of the 8 legs, which are custom-manufactured to reach the lowest possible depth in your basin. 

Air is supplied from floating hoses, connected to a blower mounted on the shore. Each O˛ctopus is tethered to a mooring cable, other floating equipment, or directly to stakes on the shore. The O˛ctopus units are easily moved and relocated, simply by pulling from the shore, and tethering to a new point.

Fine bubble diffusers are mounted on membrane sleeves, and are screwed into the legs at a 90?angle. Diffusion is from the lowest possible depth to enhance oxygen transfer. Diffusers are easily maintained, simply by pulling the O˛ctopus from the water with a boom truck (each unit weighs about 150 lbs) and replacing the diffusers on the threaded mounting bushings.

Complete diffuser service for an entire O˛ctopus takes no more than 15 minutes with no need to drain the basin! These units are made of stainless steel for long service life.

Below and to the right are renderings of an O2ctopus system installed.

Top view of the O2ctopus floating lateral system.


Positive Displacement (PD) blowers are usually utilized as our air source; although, systems can run on centrifugal.  We have also utilized existing blowers from customers to make the system most cost-effective. 

Balanced Manifold
A balanced heavy-duty hose system will be designed to deliver system pressure based on depth of diffusers and system headloss. 

System Oxygen Transfer Efficiency
Oxygen Transfer Efficiencies (OTEs) are determined by the size of bubble diffused into waste water, and the amount of time the bubble remains in the water, allowing transfer of oxygen through the bubble membrane into the water. The lower the depth that these bubbles are generated, the greater the efficiency of transfer. A bubble generated at a depth of 10 feet will have an OTE of approximately 10%. A bubble generated at a depth of 25 feet from an O˛ctopus will have an OTE of approximately 25%, whereas a bubble produced by a conventional surface splasher will just pop off into the atmosphere.

The O˛ctopus system has been demonstrated to displace older, inefficient floating splashers at a HP ratio of 1:5. You are welcome to visit one of these operating sites, and hear the story directly from our customers.

Bottom view of the O2ctopus floating lateral system.

Click here to see the O2ctopus in action!

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