Super Oxygenation Process

FBC Technologies’ O˛x-Box can take your oxygen depleted wastewater and instantly turn it into supersaturated water with a dissolved oxygen (DO) content of 8.0 mg/L.

In 1999, FBC Technologies discovered the potential of utilizing the power of a high-speed pressurized turbine to manufacture micro-fine bubbles measuring less than 15 microns in diameter. Experiments revealed that the quality of oxygen transfer was dramatically increased with these fine bubbles. In fact, many of these bubbles are so small they become neutrally buoyant. This results in retention times of up to 45 minutes before the bubbles finally rise to the water’s surface.

The O˛x-Box uses your most plentiful resource - your own wastewater - to saturate oxygen depleted wastewater. Scientific studies conducted at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Brockport have documented the performance of the O˛x-Box in lab scale and in larger tests. 

Here’s an excerpt from the SUNY researchers’ report: 

"Dissolved oxygen was completely depleted from test water prior to centrifugation. A continuous stream of water was introduced into the unit. The residence time of the water in the unit was less than one minute. The water went from 0.11 mg/L to 7.64 mg/L (1.3% to 92.1%). The dissolved oxygen decreased 4.6% after 60 minutes."

The O˛x-Box is extremely simple to install. A small pump is used to generate a flow of your wastewater into the high-speed oxygenation chamber. The outflow leaves the O2x-Box via a gravity drain and through a tube to the lowest possible depth in your basin. The supersaturated water mixes with your wastewater to increase the total level of dissolved oxygen and support increased aerobic performance. This translates into more productive consuming organisms and less operational odors.



O2x-Box Specifications:


  Weight: 2,200 lbs.

  Power: 20HP (220-440/60/3)

  Material: Stainless steel

  Hoses: Provided by FBC (heavy duty)

  Pump: Provided by FBC

           (150 GPM recommended)


Click here to see the O2x-Box in action!



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